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Where is our Angel

The fourth-year dancers were inspired to create a dance that tells a story inspired by the themes of William Shakespeare's play Romeo and Juliet The insanity of hatred leads to death whereas connection and love lead to peace. Choreography: Heather Glabe with Dancers Music: Danzon No. 2 Arturo Marquez Dancers: Alexander Chamu, Berenice Guerrero, Betzayda Sanchez, Britney Martinez, Christopher Olivares, Damary Garcia, Eduardo Ochoa, Emir Obregon, Enrique Echavarria, Esteban Ambriz, Eva Azucar, Eva Starr, Frida Leon, Mariana Punzalan, Natalia Harr, Natalie Chacon, Samantha Aguilar, Sarahi Jose, Sayanna Cruz, Sofia Mclaughlin, Valeria Velez, Vanessa Yanez


Vestiges manifest the terrain of stress and anxiety, which, since the pandemic, has been part of our daily lives. Direction: Nhu Nguyen with choreography by Dancers Music: Original compositions by Mario Batkovich and Billie Eilish. Arrangement by Imahni King-Murillo Dancers: Alin Sotelo, Alondra, Alyson Morales, Amy Rocio, Angel Morales, Angel Ordonez, Christian Solorzano, Jane Ochoa, Jasmin Diego, Jazmine Huerta, Kaylen Medina, Kimberly Medina, Lindsay Ramirez, Paloma Castaneda, Shara Chavez, Stephanie Pattynama, Yanitza Morales

Trilogy Suite

Dancers were inspired by the instrumental music from the movie Encanto. With it, they explored and reimagined their own personal creative narratives. We start with a playful game of hide-n-seek, followed by kind and tender wishes for our loved ones, and end in an intense struggle for freedom. Choreography: Roxanne Rojas de Blanco Music: We Don't Talk about Bruno, Dos Oruguitas, Surface Pressure, (Instrumental versions) by Lin Manuel- Miranda Dancers: Lexi Quintero, Alexandra Diaz, Angel Valencia, Angelina Marin, Brianna Flores, Briseida Chamu, Bruno Obregon, Cinthya Rodriguez, Dylan Hernandez, Emily Mendoza, Fatima Castaneda, Fernanda Plancarte, Fiona Oliver, Guadalupe Herrera, Israel Beauchamp, Jaquelin Garcia, Jessica Feria, Jocelyne Echavarria, Jose Gutierrez, Kayla Morales, Kevin Jimenez, Lovenia Bungcayao, Maya Martinez, Naomi Arias, Ninorta Yako, Sara Rodriguez, Sofia Urrutia, Trinity Turner, Yerilen Calixto

Portals into a world of Imagination

This piece begins with the dancer's experiences of isolation, how they have risen up through the pandemic, and ends in a colorful world of imagination. Direction: Casey Flores in collaboration with Dancers Music: Compilation of various songs by Kris Apple Dancers: Adilene Cha mu Rojas, Alicia Poblete, Amairany Gutierrez, Andrea Morales, Arianna Yanez,Avah Lopez, Brenda Carreno, Caleb Flores Acosta, Camila San Miguel , Cassandra Sandoval, Christian Jose, Diego Junior Cha mu, Eduardo Villa, Evelyn Cruz, Gia Garcia, Janelle Acosta, Jovanny Orozco, Kelly Ochoa, Madelin Saldivar, Maggie Sharif, Nallely Ochoa, Natalia Lopez, Sebastian Flores, Stephanie Cruz, Vianey Vizuet, Viviana Bolanos, Ximena Torres Cabrera , Ximena Castellanos.Xochitl Herrera, Francisca Olivares.Alexa Rodarte,Adrian Nunez


In this piece, Araceli shares the beautiful language that youth bring to this world. Youth talk about what they want to see now. respect for their actions, mutual support, and a connection to who they are. Creating a space where they sow dreams and reap a Spirit full of life, integrity, and solidarity. *Araceli would like to thank ASB and Kayla Remo for this opportunity and their support Choreography: Araceli Carrera Music: Derecho de Nacimiento & Bomba Estereo: Ahora by Natalia Lafourcade Dancers: Alin Sotelo, Angel Marin, Carlos Lopez, Hana Ibrahim, Jana Ibrahim, Jazmine Huerta, Jazmin Guzman, Kaylen Medina, Kimberly Medina, Lindsay Ramirez, Natalia Harr, Paloma Castaneda, Ricardo Echaverria, Sofia McGlaughlin, Valeria Velez, Yanitza Morales, Zuleyca Black

A Love Letter

Thanks to funding from the California Arts Council, LITVAKdance company member Marfa Jose Castillo set work on the dancers for a previously performed performance. With LITV AK's blessing, we have reset this piece for the stage, bringing new inspiration, choreography, and music that lifts up our love of dance, of Mexico and our connections to each other. Original choreography by Maria Jose Castillo, Reimagined by the Dancers with Jennifer Oliver Music: Mexicana Hermosa, Tu Sf Sa bes Quererme by Natalia Lafourcade Dancers: Britney Martinez, Gaby Pastor, Heather Rodriguez, Lindsay Ramirez, Molly Rodriguez, Olivia Carapia, Paloma Castaneda, Sarahi Jose, Shara Chavez, Stephanie Pattynama, Yanitza Morales, Zuleyka Black